How To Convert A Loft

Confused about the loft conversion process? Fear not, we are here to tell you what exactly goes on during a loft conversion, giving you a brief idea of the construction process.

Floor Works

how to convert your loft into a habitable roomFirst, if you do not already have access to your loft area, an opening will be created for entry into your loft space. Next, beams will be put into place and secured, following by sound insulation and fire protection work.

If your existing ceiling joints are unable to withstand the weight of a conversion floor, you may need to have new joists installed. Floor boarding is then laid on top.

Rafter Works

Invariably, some work is required in altering rafters to allow access to the roofspace. This may involve new beams and purlins, which carpenters will install.

Window Works

Once your floors and roofs are complete, dormer windows (if you are going to have them) will be constructed. A section of roof will be cut away and the dormer window will be built to the correct dimensions, on site, following instructions from the structural engineer.

The completed dormer frame will be secured, and its sides and front will be ply-lined. This ensures that the dormer window is indeed firmly in place and will be able to withstand strong winds and other weather elements. The entire dormer will then be covered in a breathable membrane before it is cross battened and tiled. Following that, external features such as fascia board, flashings and gutters will be fitted on.

Installation of Velux rooflight windows is somewhat similar, with the portion of the roof removed, the window frame being constructed to size and put into place securely.

Wall Works

After that, wall works will begin. The internal walls of your loft will be erected, together with any openings you may need for windows and doors.  Once this is done, the actual dormer windows or any velux windows will be put in place. Walls and ceiligs will be insulated and lined with plasterboard.

Electrical & Plumbing Works

There are two rounds of electrical and plumbing works. The first occurs after room partitions and windows are completed. New cables will be laid, forming the first fix electrics and plumbing. The second fix takes place after the walls have had plasterboard installed, and doors, door casings, skirting boards and other elements are installed. In the second fix, power points and other external fixtures will be completed.

If your water tank is located in the loft, some preliminary works may be needed to relocate it before any other work can commence.

Staircase Works

The ceiling is cut away to make space for the staircase, and the main frame of the staircase will first be formed and put into place securely. The hand rail and spindles, and other partition walling around the staircase will then be fitted in.